Automatic Connection Device (ACD) 

CharIN plans to give a recommendation to standardization bodies regarding an Automatic Connection Device Underbody (ACDU).

The idea is to create a harmonized interface for automatic conductive charging devices over different brands and power classes to create a proposal for international standardization bodies. Therefore the ACDU subgroup defined general requirements for EVSE and EV hardware and communication topics which are summarized in the document Initiates file download"Public Request for an Automatic Underbody Connection Interface".

Developers are requested to present their concept, that suits the published criteria list, to the ACDU subgroup. In an evaluation process the subgroup will choose the solution that represents the common subgroup idea of the automatic charging device best and propose this concept to the official standardization bodies.

The concept presentation will be performed in three stages. In the first stage, concept proposals need to be handed in at the CharIN coordination office until November 1st, 2019 in form of a presentation and a filled in deviation list. In the second stage, video conferences for each applicant will be held in November 2019 to present the concept. In the final stage, it is planned to invite a selection of the concepts for a presentation of their physical proto-types.

We need all submitting companies to sign the Initiates file downloadTerm sheet OR the Initiates file downloadPatent Statement and Licensing Declaration when you send your ideas. Please refer to the legal documents section on this page.

  • Premises for an ACD interface as a next step in the approach of the CCS

    The automation of the EV charging process by application of Automatic Connection Devices (ACD) for automatic conductive charging is an essential part of the future strategy not only for commercial vehicles but also for passenger cars. Compatibility will be a key success factor for market introduction and market stability. Therefore the development of an ACD interface shall comply with the holistic system approach of the combined charging system (CCS). For automatic connection two technologies are considered: underbody solutions applying a special connector and side solutions applying the conventional charging inlet.

    • Charging related Communication and basic safety concept shall be compliant with the CCS standard
    • Common set of documents at the interface EV-EVSE for requirements and test cases
    • Support of reverse power transfer and extended charging features (Plug and Charge, etc.)
    • Worldwide usability of both physical and communication interface
    • Applicability for AC and DC charging intended
    • Indoor and outdoor application • Solutions for forward and reverse parking
    • AC charging: 1 ph., 3 ph. split phase; up to 22 kW

    Automatic Connection Device Underbody (ACDU)

    • All charging use-cases according to the CharIN ACD position paper, excluding HPC
    • Physical connector will be proposed by the CharIN ACD subgroup
    • Supports CharIN DC-CCS Power Class up to FC50

    Automatic Connection Device Side (ACDS)

    • All charging use-cases according to the CharIN ACD position paper
    • Physical connector shall fully comply with the current CCS
    • Supports all CharIN DC-CCS Power Classes

  • Technical documents

  • Legal documents

Please send your documents and proposals to coordination(at)


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