1st CharIN North America Conference

Join us for the 1st CharIN North America conference: Panel discussion – Exhibit – Networking Reception
March 19th, 2018 at Fremont (CA, USA)

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The future of transportation is shaped by environmental challenges, climate change and the proliferation of clean energy. We are experiencing a steady shift towards electrified transportation, from scooters and cars to trucks and buses. This massive movement is creating an increasing demand for the charging infrastructure. Multi-vendor interoperability is the key enabler of the charging infrastructure that can serve this ever-rising demand. CharIN e.V. was founded to accelerate the deployment of the Combined Charging System (CCS) based infrastructure and enable multi-vendor interoperability. CCS unifies AC and DC charging, and offers smart and high power quick charging. Members of the CharIN e.V. represent all segments of the ecosystem including leading automotive OEMs, charger manufacturers, technology and service providers.

CharIN e.V. is focused on establishing CCS as the global standard for all types of charging for battery powered electric vehicles.

The 1st CharIN North America conference offers a unique opportunity to learn about the momentum of the industry propelled forward by CCS, learn about the technology and business models, hear from the entrepreneurs driving disruptive innovation, and see product demos.

The CharIN chairman, Mr. Claas Bracklo will have the pleasure to welcoming you and will be introducing you to the world of CharIN and CCS together with Mr. Axel Willikens from Daimler and Mr. Oleg Logvinov from IoTecha, recently appointed CharIN North America spokesman.

Introduction | Opening Speech from CharIN e.V.

Claas Bracklo
(Chairman CharIN)
Axel Willikens
(Steering Committee CharIN)
Oleg Logvinov
(North America Spokesperson)

The following three panels will be the highlight of the event:

  • Driving the EV revolution with Combined Charging System (CCS) – a worldwide game changer
  • Setting a global standard – enabling e-mobility with CCS
  • Startups and Investors – driving CCS based e-mobility through disruptive innovation

Renowned e-mobility stakeholders have already committed to present their points of view and to participate in our exciting panel discussions about future e-mobility enabled by CCS.

Read more about content of the panels and speakers hereafter.

Chair: Oleg Logvinov
(IoTecha Corp.)
Panel 1 | Driving the EV revolution with Combined Charging System (CCS) -
a worldwide game changer

Swiss bank UBS has estimated that $360 billion will need to be spent over the next eight years to build global charging infrastructure to keep pace with electric car sales. The rollout of the charging infrastructure on such a massive scale is not possible without multivendor interoperability. To achieve that, many OEM’s, charging station manufacturers and other companies along the value chain joined the CharIN e.V. Combined Charging System (CCS) unifies AC and DC charging, and enables much needed multivendor interoperability, especially in the field of fast charging.

CCS offers numerous benefits and a great user experience. The adoption of CCS has been progressing at fast pace; CCS has already become the standard in Europe and the US. In this session, panelists will share their experiences with CCS and discuss new opportunities enabled by CCS.

Amongst others, the following panelists, OEM´s and charging station manufacturers, will be on stage:

Eric Bach
(Lucid Motors)
Peter Savagian
(Faraday Future)
Mike Gardiner
(ITT Cannon LLC)
Barry Sole
(Porsche AG)
Val Miftakhov
Josh Freeman
(Gillig LLC)
Stefano Benatti
(Energica Motor Company Inc.)
Dustin Grace
(Proterra Inc.)

Chair: Mohamad Abdul-Hak
(Mercedes Benz)
Panel 2 | Setting a global standard – enabling e-mobility with CCS

One of the primary objectives of CharIN is developing and establishing the Combined Charging System (CCS) as the global standard for all types of charging of battery powered electric vehicles. Many players are involved in the charging infrastructure supply chain and influence its rollout. Join this panel discussion of leading companies creating the framework to enable e-mobility with CCS, and learn about their different points of view, opportunities and challenges from the perspective of service providers, tool and component manufacturers and others. We will examine the role of standardization, interoperability, and regulatory frameworks as enabling elements of e-mobility.

Looking forward to having the following panelists on stage, others are expected to confirm their participation in the coming days:

Jeff Koncsol
(Vector North America)
Oleg Logvinov
(IoTecha Corp.)
Noel Crisostomo
(California Energy Commission)
David N. Patterson
(Mitsubishi Motors R&D of America)
Lars Peter Bech

Speaker: John Kato
Keynote | 250,000 Electric Vehicle Chargers by 2025: Spurring the construction of infrastructure to reduce carbon pollution and improve public health and the environment.


John Kato is deputy director of the Fuels and Transportation Division at the Energy Commission. His team works to assure low-carbon fuels, advanced transportation elements, manufacturing and workforce arenas the transition to a clean energy and more sustainable future sustainable future that strengthens California’s economy, environment and equity through improving air quality and reducing greenhouse gas emissions...

| Read more about our Keynote speaker

Chair: Noel Crisostomo
(California Energy Commission)
Panel 3 | Startups and Investors – driving CCS based e-mobility through disruptive innovation

Disruptive innovation is very often driven by startup companies pioneering business models, new technologies and products. CCS has created a platform for a new ecosystem. The birth of any new ecosystem offers unique opportunities for those who innovate. During this panel we will hear from investors and learn what they see as growth opportunities in our market. We will also hear from startups driving disruptive innovation while leveraging CCS for their businesses. We look forward to an exciting debate during this panel bringing together investors’ and innovators’ points of view.

We will be glad to welcome these panelists:


Eva Diess
(The Mobility House LLC)
Arcady Sosinow
(FreeWire Technologies, Inc.)
Steve Davis
(Oxygen Initiative)


Dat Truong
(P3 Group)
Kirill Kuzmichiv
Timothy Wang
(The Westly Group)
Lloyd Green