EVS31 – CharIN Joint Booth

The 31st International Electric Vehicle Symposium & Exhibition (EVS 31) and International Electric Vehicle Technology Conference 2018 (EVTeC 2018)
Sept. 30 - Oct. 03, 2018, Kobe Convention Center (Japan)

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Opening speech to Gala dinner at EVS 31, Kobe, Japan on Oct. 2nd, 2018

CharIN Chairman, Mr. Claas Bracklo

© CharIN e.V.: Chairman Claas Bracklo during the Dinner Speech
© CharIN e.V.: Chairman Claas Bracklo during the Dinner Speech

Konban wa (Good evening) Ladies and Gentlemen,

I´m Claas Bracklo, Chairman of the CharIN Association and I´m glad to be here tonight having the great honor to talk to you.

I feel welcome between friends and like-minded people as we all do share one common objective: Make a significant contribution to keep our planet green.

The motivation for developing electric vehicles comes from a global need

  • the need to reduce pollution and thus improve the quality of air
  • the need to take seriously care about global warming by using
    more renewable energies
  • and the need to protect our environment to allow also further
    generations to live on this planet

Together we are facing the same challenges, global challenges.

CharIN is glad and proud to be here in Japan as we are a global association with members and supporters from all over the world.

Please allow me to introduce CharIN better to you and to tell you a little bit about us, our vision and ideas. CharIN stands for “Charging Interface Initiative”. The pure Industry Association was founded in 2015 and addresses all fields of charging for all kinds of vehicles based on the Combined charging system approach. We currently count 155 members located in the 3 main regions of the world and coming from 28 (!) different countries, of which 5% are from Japan.

This underlines that CharIN has chosen the right road not focusing only on cars but taking in consideration all kinds of vehicles that should be driven electrically. Ongoing discussions about combustion engines and their influence on air quality have boosted our activities. They assist us to create more interest and acceptance in the world. And this trend is just at its beginning. The demand of EV´s in combination with the respective infrastructure has tremendously increased in the last months and comes from all countries feeling responsible and aiming at a green society which emphasizes the need of a global approach.

Today we see different technologies addressing the same subject of charging. The Chinese GB/T with focus on a huge national market and CHAdeMO with focus on DC charging. The Combined Charging System CCS represented by CharIN and its member companies offers a holistic system approach for all charging use cases. From AC to DC, conductive and wireless, automated and pantograph based, addressing all kinds of vehicles (from bikes to trucks, expanding to ships and even planes).

CharIN already looks to the next level of commercial vehicle charging greater 1 MW within its holistic interoperable system approach.

As we already have high quality market solutions for the charging needs of today, we do not see any need in developing additional new local technologies with comparable functionality. The signal to the market should be stability and confidence in the current solution and joining forces for the Next Level of Charging. This leads to investment security and trust of the customers.

An increasing membership with representatives along the entire charging value chain but also the most recent statistics concerning the registration of EV´s with the CCS technology have proven that our approach is the right one. CCS has been successfully integrated into EVs in Europe, Korea and North America, we are gaining more and more supporters in the ASEAN countries and India. We are confident that CCS will become the global standard worldwide. All car manufacturers are currently experiencing this truth as their EVs with destination to Europe, Korea and North America are requested to implement CCS as the future infrastructure will favorize the Combined Charing System.

In our philosophy, shared knowledge and education will lead to more global, common thinking. The world is global, and on a global basis it is always an advantage to join effort and to multiply forces instead of separating markets due to different local standards. We are willing to share our knowledge and to integrate more like-minded people into our association. We want to support the worldwide industrialization and decision making process by offering the expertise of our huge membership base.

Therefore, the CharIN Academy already started with trainings in different parts of the world. First Seminars on the CCS communication interface and its functionalities like P&C and automated billing took place in Bangalore and Berlin.

And our mission on globalization is still not fulfilled. We are aiming at expanding our membership base in Asia and especially in Japan. Therefore, we have founded another international office. Our CharIN office in Tokyo with Mr. Kageki Shimamura as local CharIN representative. He will be taking care of existent and future CharIN members and spreading the voice for the CharIN association here in Japan.

The future is today. The mobility concept is worldwide in phase of transformation and e-mobility plays an important role in it, especially in urban areas. Although facing new challenges, CharIN keeps on track, working on originally set as well as on new targets, always keeping in mind our common target: Allowing future generations to live on a green planet with sufficient renewable resources and not exploiting and polluting our earth in a way that the children of our children will suffer from it. We are different nations but we live on that one and the same planet. Let´s keep it green using one global interface.

Arigato gozaimasu (Thank you).

About EVS31 & EVTeC 2018
Leading a smart society with new mobility

At this EVS 31 & EVTeC 2018, the Organizing Committee plans to provide diverse scientific programs, such as:

  • Plenary Sessions to introduce perspectives of a smart society driven by future electric vehicles (EVs), supported by artificial intelligence (AI) and connected technologies
  • Technical Sessions organized by JSAE and APE to invite high level and state-of-the-art technologies
  • Exhibition of EV and related technologies, showcasing the world-class technologies of Japanese and overseas automobile manufacturers and “Ride & Drive,” which offers opportunities to drive the latest machines

More info: http://www.evs31.org