Within the Phoenix Contact Group, Phoenix Contact E-Mobiliy GmbH is the center of expertise for components and solutions in E-Mobility. We develop charging systems and charging controllers for DC and AC charging. Our customers see us as a complete provider of components within the charging infrastructure, for both static and mobile equipment.
We offer a consistent product and technology portfolio that enables you to implement various concepts for your charging infrastructure. The e-mobility controllers from Phoenix Contact enable the setup of charging stations in accordance with current requirements and standards. Optimum controller solutions are available for private, commercial and public applications.

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Michael Heinemann (PHOENIX CONTACT E-Mobility GmbH)

Michael Heinemann is Chief Executive Officer Phoenix Contact E-Mobility.

1992: Technical education in electronics, Phoenix Contact; 1996: Certified technician in electronics and automation ; 1999: Product Manager Power Supplies ; 2008: Manager Product Marketing Power Supplies ; 2012: Managing Director APtronic; 2014: Executive Vice President Phoenix Contact Power Supplies ; 2019: Chief Executive Officer Phoenix Contact E-Mobility