innogy joins CharIN as member number 100

innogy has joined the CharIN e.V. as member number 100. This was a reason for the coordination office to interview Cameron Funk, CEO of innogy e-mobility US, about their motivation to join an international charging association.

What was your motivation to join the CharIN e.V.?

Cameron: E-mobility cannot succeed without industry standardization. innogy has been involved in the standardization process for EVs since its infancy - from OCPP through ISO15118- and has been working together with the Automotive OEMs to create a common software and hardware standard for EVs. innogy believes that CharIN is an organization that provides a platform for the kind of innovation that we want to support.


Why do you support CCS?

Cameron: innogy supports the newest standard which is CCS because of all the superior technical features it offers. We also want to support standardization protocols like ISO 15118 and other new functionalities like plug and charge that work well with CCS.


Which role does innogy have in the electro mobility sector in the US and which role is expected for the future?

Cameron: In the e-mobility sector, innogy is primarily a technology and service provider and as such aims to have the latest cutting-edge technology and solutions. We offer a white label approach and philosophy towards the industry. We collaborate with the OEMs, equipment manufacturers and utility providers. So far innogy has thousands of charging points in over 20 countries and has led the development of several industry standards that promote the adoption of EVs.


We work together with charging providers and believe in smart charging. We believe we need to have strategic partnerships in electric mobility to grow the market to the next level. For example, we have a strategic partnership with Automotive OEMs such as Daimler, with over 1000 corporate charging stations, and co-development of ISO-15118 as well as development of custom Daimler EV driver programs for employees, executives and customers.


innogy believes B2B cooperation is extremely important. For example, setting up utility, municipality and automotive OEM charging programs, roaming and implementing “Plug and Go” programs that eliminate the need to join a proprietary network. innogy is a collaborating company and we utilize all the experience we have gained in over 100 years as one of Europe’s largest utility or energy providers and we hope that this will benefit the greater EV market and the other CharIN members.


What are the main benefits do you see in a platform like CharIN?

Cameron: Standardization is necessary to make electric mobility successful quickly. Sharing experiences and not making the same mistakes by sharing lessons learned is an important part of it, which can optimally be done within a platform like CharIN. The creation of new cooperations and a common goal of bringing the whole industry forward is of such an immense significance that we believe it is an imperative that all of the industry leaders should participate in a platform like CharIN.


Do you have any special topic or do you want to say something special as being member number 100 of the CharIN e.V?

Cameron: It is an honor to be the 100th member of CharIN. The initiative is a unique and great opportunity to promote topics and work on them together. A common standard will be good for the whole industry and this platform brings all important stakeholders together. We have already made great progress towards a common standard, but there is still a little way to go.


About innogy SE

innogy SE is a German leading energy company, with revenue of around €44 billion (2016), more than 40,000 employees and activities in 16 countries across Europe. With its three business segments Grid & Infrastructure, Retail and Renewables, innogy addresses the requirements of a modern, decarbonised, decentralised and digital energy world. As a leader of innovation in future-oriented fields like eMobility, it is represented in the international hot-spots of the technology industry such as Silicon Valley, Tel Aviv, London and Berlin. innogy combines the extensive expertise of its energy technicians and engineers with digital technology partners, from start-ups to major corporates.


A press release about the joining of innogy in CharIN e.V. is available here.