Sansha Electric Mfg. joins the Charging Interface Initiative e.V.(CharIN e.V.)

Since 1933, with the development of power supplies for movie projectors, Sansha Electric Mfg. has been a pioneer in the industry as a manufacturer of power semiconductors and power supplies. While Sansha Electric Mfg. provide these products to many field of industry, Sansha Electric Mfg. have received high recognition.


Today, Sansha Electric Mfg. is headquartered in Osaka/Japan and is developing overseas business so that Sansha Electric Mfg. have 2 overseas factories and 7 overseas sales offices.


Recently, as prevention of global warming, Energy is replaced with renewable energy from fossil fuels, and the equipment is required to be energy saving and resource saving. The power supplies of Sansha Electric Mfg. is used for new energy fields such as solar power, fuel cells and energy storage. Sansha Electric Mfg. will further evolve the technologies required for new energy every day and provide high-performance power supply technologies.


Based on this high-performance power supply technologies, Sansha Electric Mfg is considering the planning and development of a quick charger for EV. Sansha Electric Mfg. will join CharIN e.V. and hope to broaden the range of technologies and businesses and contribute to the society of EV that are increasingly developing from now.


CharIN e.V. is anticipating the future of EV and developing and standardizing the charging system globally. Sansha Electric Mfg. also joins CharIN e.V. and contribute in the field of fast chargers for EV so that CharIN e.V. activities will develop.


High-power chargers from two CharIN members Tritium and IONITY are now installed in Germany

12 high-power chargers (HPC) from the CharIN member Tritium, an international specialist in DC charging infrastructure solutions for the electric vehicle (EV) market, were installed at the Tank & Rast rest stops at Brohltal Ost and West along the A61 highway in Germany.

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Exicom becomes a Core Member of CharIN e.V. to support and further establish CCS as a global standard for EV charging

Exicom Tele-Systems, a market leader in power and energy solutions for electric vehicles, information technology, telecom and renewables sector becomes a core member of the Charging Interface Initiative (CharIN e.V.), an open coalition of world-class firms from the automotive sector and associated...

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