SCAME SpA joins CharIN e.V.

“Concepts of research and quality are an integral part of our culture in all the aspects and every activity of our work”

SCAME GROUP was founded in 1963 when the parent company SCAME PARRE SPA was first established. Today it is an international industrial group of about 800 people employed in 20 subsidiaries and associated companies operating under the parent company headquartered in Parre (BG) Northern Italy. SCAME has a capillary presence throughout Italy with its own sales agencies and operates worldwide with branches and local distributors.


SCAME has been continuously searching for new opportunities, developing innovative strategies and tailor made solutions for several markets: from residential to heavy industry, including special applications as electric vehicles recharging solutions and products for environments with high risk of explosion.


The Company’s vision has always been sensitive to environmental issues and is constantly looking for materials, products and solutions that combine quality, safety and environmental compatibility. In this view Scame is also active with ECO MOBILITY since 1992, with the production of a system of connectors and charging stations for electric vehicles "LIBERA series" a wide offer of charging stations and connectors for both public and private areas.


SCAME PARRE has started a project that joins DC Charging Stations (built with an IoT electronic approach) and Green Energy, and insert them in MicroGrid environments, involving the use of PV, storage and, as final aim, the implementation of V2G and V2H solutions for its DC EVSE. The participation in CharIN e.V. is a fundamental step for keeping SCAME PARRE in contact with the most important players in automotive, EVSE and Technology, with whom its R&D EV Dept. wants to cooperate and share its knowledge and its technical potentials.