Tank und Rast becomes member of CharIN e.V.

Tank & Rast is the leading provider of catering, retail, fuelling and hotel services across Germany’s autobahn network, providing approximately 500m travelers a year with a comprehensive, usually twenty four hours a day, 365 days year service.

Tank & Rast’s network comprises circa 360 filling stations and circa 400 service areas with around 50 hotels nationwide. Given its commitment to customer service, Tank & Rast naturally ensures it keeps abreast of the latest developments in the automotive industry, most important of all perhaps being the continued rise of electro-mobility and the consequent need to develop nationwide recharging infrastructure. To this end, and in collaboration with the Federal Ministry for Transport and Digital Infrastructure and other partners, Tank & Rast plans to add recharging stations to all circa 400 of its service areas by the end of 2017, representing a major breakthrough for long distance electro-mobility in Germany.


Depending on future customer demand and further technological advances, Tank & Rast stands ready to increase both the number of recharging stations and their recharging capabilities as needed.


Tank & Rast’s participation in CharIN e.V. will help the smooth rollout of fast recharging infrastructure across the autobahn network as well as ensure a common industry wide understanding of future trends and developments in electro-mobility.


CharIN extends its global representation offices: Coordination Office in Japan opened

The CharIN e.V. opened an office in Tokyo, Japan, and thus adds its fourth representation office in Asia. The Managing Director of the Japan office will supply local support for CCS (the Combined Charging System) due to a growing Japanese membership base.

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2nd CharIN Asia Conference in Bangkok on October 4 th to 5th – save the date and register now!

The 2nd CharIN Asia Conference will take place on October 4th and 5th in Bangkok, Thailand. All CharIN members and interested parties are welcome to participate. Mark the date in your calendar right now!

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