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Delta Becomes a Core Member of CharIN e.V. to Foster the Combined Charging System (CCS) as a Global Standard for Electric Vehicle Charging

Delta Electronics, Inc., a global leader in power and thermal management solutions, announced today it has become a core member of the Charging Interface Initiative (CharIN e.V.), an open coalition of world-class firms within the electric vehicle (EV) industry aiming to support and promote the...

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Successful CharIN meetings in Asia

The first CharIN Asia business trip of Chairman Claas Bracklo and Managing Director André Kaufung in the end of August till beginning of September was a great success.

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CharIN Sponsorship on the International ISO/IEC 15118 Interoperability and Conformance Testing Symposium in South Korea

CharIN e.V. sponsors the 5th International ISO/IEC 15118 Interoperability and Conformance Testing Symposium on November 10-11, 2016. The event will be hosted by the Korea Smart Grid Institute (KSGI) on Jeju Island (Jeju-do) in South Korea.

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Gekühlte Ladekabel von HUBER+SUHNER ermöglichen Ladezeiten von Elektrofahrzeugen im Minutenbereich

HUBER + SUHNER, der führende internationale Hersteller von Komponenten und Systemen für die optische und elektrische Verbindungstechnik, hat ein gekühltes Ladekabel mit gekühltem Stecker entwickelt, die es möglich machen Elektrofahrzeuge in extrem kurzer Zeit vollständig aufzuladen.

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2nd National Workshop & Exhibition on FAME (New Dehli, India)

On 15th of July 2016 CharIN Managing Director André Kaufung presented the CharIN goals and activities on the 2nd National Workshop & Exhibition on FAME in New Dehli, India.

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Hubject begrüßt CharIN-Mitglieder zum Fokusgruppen Meeting in Berlin

Hubject begrüßte am 29. Juni 2016 zahlreiche Vertreter der Mitgliedsunternehmen der CharIN-Initiative zum Fokusgruppen Meeting auf dem EUREF-Campus in Berlin.

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Over 450 additional CCS HPC Charging points to connect Europe

Thanks to the European Union Program „Connection Europe Facility“ (CEF) and new alliances in Europe, hundreds of new CCS high-power charging stations will be established throughout the continent.

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Third Energica bike with CCS

This month the CharIN member Energica presented its new electric bike, the Eva EsseEsse9, named after Via Emilia, one of the oldest Italian roads that connect Rimini to Piacenza.

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