10th Global EV Charging Test Symposium in the Netherlands took place with visible CharIN support

The 10th anniversary of the interoperability and conformance test event for the Combined Charging System (CCS) took place on Nov. 15th and 16th, 2018 in Arnhem, the Netherlands. ElaadNL, the TU Dortmund and Versico welcomed over 420 participants from 180 companies coming from 28 countries.

Copyright: ElaadNL, M. Keller (CharIN e.V.) hands over an award for high contribution to C. Hahn (Hubject GmbH).

During the international Testing Symposium, various companies and institutions tested the cross-vendor interoperability between electric vehicles and charging equipment based on ISO/IEC18118. Besides, an Open Charge Alliance conducted OCPP 2.0 conformance and interoperability tests. Some nice innovations were presented on the ElaadNL premises: the Renault Zoe with a CCS DC charging interface, as well as the new Tesla Model 3 with CCS plug.


Parallel to the testing procedures, a public key infrastructure workshop was held where CharIN members like Hubject and Penta Security demonstrated their public key infrastructure projects.


The CharIN e.V. communicated the event, especially among its member and supporter community. Therefore, many CharIN members participated in the interoperability tests and the gave presentations.


Michael Keller, Treasurer of the CharIN e.V. spoke about CharIN activities to promote CCS and the future of charging. Oleg Logvinov from IoTecha and CharIN North American Spokesperson showed some activities of the CharIN North American member community and highlighted the importance of global interoperability as a key to ecosystem growth.


Christian Hahn from Hubject GmbH presented an ISO15118 implementation guideline which was developed by Hubject in cooperation with CharIN.


In recognition of outstanding contribution, Michael Keller awarded Christian Hahn for the valuable support and effort that he and his colleagues from Hubject put into the elaboration of the ISO 15118 implementation guide.


The program of the event, impressions and further press articles can be found at https://www.elaad.nl/news/