ABB - Terra 54 EV Fast Charger

Terra 54 is the successor of Terra 53, the best sold 50 kW DC charging station in Europe and North America. Supporting increasing electric vehicle (EV) battery capacities, Terra 54 enables continuous charging at full 50 kW at 200 – 500 V, while 200 – 920 V is supported by Terra 54HV.

Main benefits

Terra 54 is a EV fast charger that can serve all electric vehicles (hybrids and plug-in) on the market, as it supports all the EV charging standards:
Combined Charging System (CCS 1.0 and CCS 2.0)
CHAdeMO (recharging also Tesla Model S, X and Roadster via adapter)
Type 2 AC charging (up to 43 kW!)
Terra 54HV (High Voltage) variants are designed to charge also vehicles equipped with high voltage batteries, such as sportive cars (like the Porsche Taycan), electric buses and other heavy vehicles.
The charger is designed to deliver flawless and safe operation to all users, allowing installation in residential areas, including petrol stations, retail stores and offices (due to compliance with IEC 61000 EMC Class B).
The charger is connected to the ABB Ability™ cloud securing the benefits of a digital end-to-end solution:
Truly future proof, thanks to frequent software updates that ensure compatibility with all the new electric vehicles introduced in the market
Highest reliability and uptime on the market, thanks to 24/7 remote support, diagnostic and troubleshooting


Terra HP

Terra HP is a modular high power charging system with high output current capability, supporting both 400 VDC and 800 VDC vehicles.
A single power cabinet system can deliver up to 375 A and 160 kW continuously, and 175 kW peak. With two power cabinets the system delivers up to 500 A and 350 kW.
With unique ABB Dynamic DC power sharing technology two charge posts can be powered by just two instead of four power cabinets, whereby available power is dynamically shared between the charge posts. This is a cost effective solution for sites with multiple charge posts.


Main benefits:

Suited for current and next generation EVs
375 A output current per power cabinet to charge fast at 400 VDC
Dynamic DC power sharing technology to save costs
Scalable installation with integrated galvanic isolation


DC wallbox

The ABB DC wallbox is available with single or twin outlets, supporting both CCS and CHAdeMO standards. Day to day operation is simple thanks to a seven-inch full-color, daylight readable touchscreen display. With an output range of up to 920V DC, it is fully future-proofed to handle the next generation of high-voltage electric vehicles.The smart DC wallbox uses ABB Ability™ Connected Services to integrate with existing IT structures, enabling authentication, integration with back offices and payment platforms, monitoring, remote diagnostics and repair, as well as over-the-air updates and upgrades.


Main benefits:

Future-proof connectivity
Delivers power directly to the vehicle’s battery
Remotely controllable