Already Charging or Still Engineering? — EcoG OS is released.

This year, EcoG released its EcoG Operating System, which provides a complete software and control solution to build DC and triple chargers. It tackles challenges crucial for the successful charger market takeoff: shortening time to market and cost efficiency increase. It is a breakthrough, as the market of DC charging is growing tremendously, and we can expect a growth rate higher than 220% in the next years.

Nowadays, the software and control stack is built for a specific charger only. It is like reinventing the wheel with every charger without creating a market differentiation. With the release of EcoG OS, this is going to change.


“By offering this operating system, we are changing the way chargers are built“ — said Dr Jörg Heuer, CEO of the startup EcoG and speaker of CharIn FG Charging Communication. — “Since it works on every charger design we have seen over ten years, the customers can now focus with their R&D activities on building market differentiating innovations.”


The goal of the charger manufacturers is to be fast in a boosting market, and EcoG makes it easier. Take one of the controllers from our partners, a blueprint and have a new charger setup working within weeks. This way, the time to market is significantly reduced. Cost efficiency is increased by reducing your burden of making, maintaining and integrating software. EcoG provides continuous updates and new features for the EcoG OS over the whole lifetime of the charger. This way, resources needed to maintain the system are freed thanks to EcoG and charger manufacturers can focus on market differentiating services and innovations.


Have a CCS charger running from day 1 - with EcoG Starter Kit

To accelerate the charger development, the EcoG OS provides an integrated development environment (IDE) which includes two simulation engines, one for a virtual EV and a scalable one for the charger hardware. With this, the software and the hardware team can work in parallel. Even with no DC converter and just the EcoG Starter Kit you can have the complete charger control setup running from day one.


EcoG OS supports innovation with Services over the Product Life Cycle

With the launch of EcoG OS, a fast integration layer for new micro-services running on the charger is now available. EcoG OS provides APIs for third-party developers to enable new functions and innovation on the charger. The API has already been used for integrating multiple payment service providers, authentication services and fleet management services towards the connected vehicles, as well as extensions to the OCPP interface. This makes the products of EcoG customers most flexible in the market. Site-owners, CPOs and other customers buying chargers using EcoG can drive the business integration and create additional revenue with your charger.


EcoG will have a stand on the Siemens booth at Hannover Fair 2019. It is in “Integrated Energy Forum” in Hall 27, Booth 68, where other e-mobility innovations will also be presented. Please stop by or schedule a meeting with us

About EcoG:

EcoG is a startup founded by three former Siemens Managers and experts in 2017in Detroit, with offices in Munich (Germany), Oslo (Norway) and Detroit (US). The startup is backed by Next 47, Katapult Accelerator & Techstars. It is partner of Volkswagen in the Future Mobility Accelerator and has been nominated as one of the top100 European Startup by Slush.


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