Bitron S.p.A. joins the Charging Interface Initiative

Bitron S.p.A. is a Regular Member of CharIn e.V. – Commitment to enhance charging experience and promote electric mobility

Bitron Electronics is a privately held company within the Bitron Group - leader in research, development and manufacturing of mechatronic devices and systems for the Energy, Automotive, Appliance, HVAC, Medical and other industries. The Electronic Division business unit ranks among the world’s leading specialists in the development and manufacture of electronic assemblies, system components and power conversion system.


Bitron started developing and work on EV_DC fast charger in the 2013, and we continue to believe and invest on the e-mobility revolution. Bitron wants to play a key role to cover all the market needs in terms of EV output power charger from AC domestic wall box up to complex DC charging station based on proprietary 25kW-DC power modules till to sophisticated highway UFC infrastructure.


By joining CharIN we are proud to help this network to set continuous improvement on CCS.