Change in Management at the CharIN e.V. Head Office

innos - Sperlich GmbH, a recognized management partner, was appointed operative management of the Charging Interface Initiative (CharIN e.V.) on Jan. 1, 2016.

CharIN e.V., founded in May 2015, is a consortium of leading companies in the automobile industry and associated branches of industry. Current members of the association include ABB, Audi, BMW, Daimler, Efacec, Ford, Mennekes, Opel, Phoenix Contact, Porsche, TÜV Süd and Volkswagen. The objective of this initiative is to continuously further develop and promote the combined Combined Charging System (CCS), a universal charging interface for electric vehicles.

“With innos - Sperlich GmbH, we have found a strong management partner for the association“, says Claas Bracklo, Chairman of the Executive Board of CharIN e.V. and Head of BMW activities on the National Platform Electromobility (NPE). “The team of experts in Berlin has extensive competencies in the area of network management combined with technological know-how”, Bracklo adds and is looking forward to the joint collaboration.

Contact and Management of CharIN e.V. Head Office

André Kaufung

Charging Interface Initiative e. V. (CharIN e. V.)
c/o innos - Sperlich GmbH
Tel.: 030 / 20670893-0