ChargePilot by The Mobility House

Intelligent, reliable and cost-efficient charging of electric vehicles


Functionalities of Charge Pilot:

ChargePilot is the charging and energy management system developed by The Mobility House. It allows you to charge your electric vehicles intelligently, reliably and cost-efficiently.

ChargePilot detects the building’s current energy load in real time and ensures that all connected electric cars are charged at the optimal power level during any given period. The system is compatible with most charging station and automobile brands and can be combined with other CPO, MSP, grid and building systems thanks to its open interfaces. ChargePilot is scalable and can control charging parks of varying sizes — from small company car parks with five charging stations to corporate and logistics fleets with dozens of electric vehicles and depots for large electric bus fleets. Furthermore, it already supports future V2G applications today.

Main benefits:

- Remain independent: Don't get locked with a single charging station or vehicle manufacturer. Combine ChargePilot with other systems using standardized interfaces.

- Future ready: Add more charge points or software modules, when you need them. Benefit from automatic updates and be prepared for tomorrow’s technologies: V2G, V2H, PnC…

- Smart Charging: Get the most out of your grid connection with the most advanced power distribution algorithm on the market!

- Reduce costs: By preventing high peak loads, ChargePilot will significantly reduce your installation and operation costs.

- Secure & local: The locally installed system ensures fast reaction times, full functionality in case of internet loss and maximum data security.

- Reliable operations: Because the system can grow with your needs, you have the flexibility to deal with whatever the future brings.


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About "The Mobility House":

The goal of The Mobility House is to create a zero-emission energy and mobility future. Our technology platform unites the automotive and energy sectors. We integrate vehicle batteries into the power grid using intelligent charging, energy and storage solutions. This way, we promote the development of renewable energies, stabilize the power grid and make electric mobility more affordable. The technology company was founded in 2009 and operates globally from its Munich, Zurich and Sunnyvale (CA) sites, serving customers in over 10 countries. These include leading automotive manufacturers, fleet operators, installation companies, energy suppliers and electric car drivers.


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