CharIN CCS Test System in action and delivered useful testing results

On June 3rd and 7th, the CharIN Focus Group Conformance Test organized a testing event to test the CharIN CCS Test System (CCTS) with electric vehicles (EVs) and charging stations (EVSEs) hosted at the DEKRA facilities in Klettwitz (Germany). The different vendors within CharIN developed an open and neutral specification for the test equipment of CCS related products. It shall be used for the approval of CCS products which ensures conformance of charging stations and electric vehicles in the field. It also supports safety and reliability of CCS components.


About 50 participants from various CharIN members met at the DEKRA testing ground, the Eurospeedway in Lausitz, Germany. 4 Charging stations, 2 electric vehicles and 5 CCTS systems from different vendors were present.


Members from Germany, Portugal, Spain, the Netherlands to Korea, Japan and China joined this important event to exam the current implemented test cases for EVSE and EV testing.


After 5 days of mixed testing, the group wrapped up on Friday, June 7th to discuss the next steps and the requirements for the next events, which will take place soon. Everyone had a great experience and went home with useful results.


For the future, CharIN aims to establish a certification label for qualified CCS products. First activities for a certification label will start this year.