CharIN champions Combined Charging System Standards at Amsterdam PKI Roundtable

At Elaad NL’s September 27th PKI Roundtable in Amsterdam, CharIN Chairman Claas Bracklo outlined the benefits of the Combined Charging System (CCS) based on ISO/IEC 15118.

© CharIN e.V. – Claas Bracklo at PKI Round Table in Amsterdam, September 27th, 2019

The CharIN organization extends its gratitude to Elaad for hosting our Chairman and 13 of our member companies at the PKI Roundtable in Amsterdam.


As the market for electric vehicles continues to grow, all parties involved in EV charging must work to make the charging process safe, simple, and effective for all drivers.


As CharIN Chairman Claas Bracklo explained during his opening speech at the PKI Roundtable, the Combined Charging System (CCS) is intended to accomplish this goal.


Claas explained that the ISO/IEC 15118 based CCS is designed to be a neutral, cross-industry, and international standardized technology for EV charging. He outlined three major benefits:

● Simplifying the process of EV charging, increasing costumer comfort and building trust in electric vehicles.

● Market stability for the electric vehicle ramp up phase - No adaption of new EV charging protocols.

● A neutral standard which allows all market players to work together, combining their vast resources to optimize security, ease of use, and charging speed.


The Roundtable also included presentations from three CharIN members: Chargepoint, Hubject and PentaSecurity.


We enjoyed the open and constructive discussions that took place at the Roundtable, and we thank Elaad for helping to facilitate those discussions.


We plan to continue these discussions at the next CharIN Testival in Arnhem, Netherlands on October 30th - 31st, 2019.



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