CharIN extends its global representation offices: Coordination Office in Japan opened

The CharIN e.V. opened an office in Tokyo, Japan, and thus adds its fourth representation office in Asia. The Managing Director of the Japan office will supply local support for CCS (the Combined Charging System) due to a growing Japanese membership base.

So far, the CharIN e.V. is represented in India, South Korea and Hongkong. With the office in Japan, CharIN opened its fourth office in Asia.


The Managing Director of the Japan office, Mr. Kageki Shimamura, will be monitoring the activities in the electric vehicle market, pushing the development and the awareness of the Combined Charging System (CCS) in Japan. He will supply local support to CCS interested companies as well as existing and potential future members in Japan.


We are glad to know that Mr. Shimamura will also assist our marketing and coordination team to set up an amazing CharIN booth at the EVS 31, taking place in Kobe from Sept. 30th - Oct. 3rd, 2018.


Contact details:

CharIN Coordination Office Japan

Mr. Kageki Shimamura

Address: 6F 7F & 8F Shibuya Miyata Building, 11214 Jinnan Shibuyaku, Tokyo 1500041 Japan

Phone: +81 80-1386-0591

E-Mail: japan(at)   



Information about CharIN e.V.

The Charging Interface Initiative e.V. (CharIN e.V.) is a registered association with almost 140 members along the whole value chain from all over the world. It is open to all interested parties and has offices in Germany, Hong Kong, South Korea, India, Japan and the US.



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