CharIN Focus Groups discussing the future of CCS during this year’s third CharIN Focus Group Week in Berlin

The CharIN focus group members with expertise in the Combined Charging System (CCS) gathered in Berlin. 85 participants from all over the world joint the five Focus Group meetings to discuss hot topics of the next steps of the CCS.

© CharIN e.V.: FG Meeting Charging Infrastructure

© CharIN e.V.: Networking during the FG Meetings in Berlin

The Focus Group Meetings of the CharIN e.V. took place from November 19th to 23rd, 2018 in Berlin, Germany. During the meetings, members of the CharIN Focus Groups Grid Integration, Charging Connection, Charging Infrastructure, Conformance Test/Interoperability and Charging Communication exchanged information about latest developments and discussed further progress of the Combined Charging System (CCS).


All Focus Groups discussed the CharIN roadmap for the temporal and stepwise functional evolution of CCS. Moreover, the “hot topics” of the association were on the agenda:

  • higher charging currents of > 500A and performance up to 400 kW
  • vehicle to grid (V2G) and smart grid
  • communication features like plug and charge
  • conformance tests and the respective certification process


Overall, the Focus Group meetings received a lot of positive feedback with a great number of international participants. They had valuable discussions on the table, and additional networking possibilities like common dinners to follow up with the ideas of the day.


The discussed topics will be further developed within in the individual Focus Groups in regular phone calls in an agreed time schedule. All activities are directed at achieving one central target: To draw up requirements for the evolution of charging-related standards and to develop a certification system for use by manufacturers implementing the CCS in their products.