CharIN Members Meeting Ignites New Ideas and Strengthens Collaboration in the Industry

On October 21st, as a convening partner of the VERGE 19 CharIN gathered members for the annual North America Member Meeting.

At this year’s North America Member Meeting, CharIN members reviewed the organization’s international and North American activities throughout 2019 and charted the course for 2020. The next year will be filled with Testival events, focus group meetings, conferences, and other industry engagement activities.


A major highlight of the meeting was the roundtable with representatives from the California Energy Commission (CEC).


During the roundtable, an animated exchange involving Kevin Barker (Deputy Director, Fuels and Transportation Division), Noel Crisostomo (Air Pollution Specialist), CharIN North America board members, and other attendees, shone a spotlight on the challenge for EV adoption in North America: the slow pace of the EV charging infrastructure development. Building an EV charging infrastructure is a complex and arduous process. In order to speed up this process, parties from across the EV charging value chain need to collaborate. This round table was the first step towards collaboration between CEC and CharIN.


Attendees of this year’s North America Member Meeting agreed on three major factors to focus on when implementing electric mobility in North America:

1. Increasing collaboration between all parties involved in the EV charging value chain.

2. Promoting awareness of the consumer benefits of a common CCS standard.

3. Addressing the unique expectations of North American consumers.


CharIN also intends to focus on these factors in its new collaboration with FORTH.


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