CharIN requests concepts for an Automatic Connection Device Underbody (ACDU)

A CharIN e.V. working group defined requirements for an Automatic Connection Device Underbody (ACDU). Contributions that meet the set of requirements are welcome.

The CharIN e.V. plans to give a recommendation to standardization bodies regarding an Automatic Connection Device Underbody (ACDU). This recommendation will focus on an interoperable connection interface and any related requirements for the Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE), Electric Vehicle (EV), communication and related hardware. To this end, the CharIN e.V. has formed an ACD focused subgroup to draft these recommendations.


The CharIN subgroup is now issuing this public request for concepts for ACDU systems and interfaces. Developers are requested to present their concept, that suits the published criteria list, to the ACDU subgroup. In an evaluation process the subgroup will choose the solution that represents the common subgroup idea of the automatic charging device best and propose this concept to the official standardization bodies.


The concept presentation will be performed in three stages. In the first stage, concept proposals need to be handed in at the CharIN coordination office until November 1st, 2019. In the second stage, video conferences for each applicant will be held in November 2019 to present the concept. In the final stage, it is planned to invite a selection of the concepts for a presentation of their physical prototypes.


Further information about the public request for ACDU concepts, the premises, technical requests as well as legal documents that must be filled out are available at