CharIN Steering Committee Meeting: Last meeting of the year took place in Berlin on November 28th, 2018

A very successful year for the CharIN association will be ending soon.

During the fourth and last meeting in 2018, the membership increased to about 160 members including those who have already applied and will join by January 1st, 2019.


This year was characterized by the strong focus on the work done in the 5 different focus groups aiming on creating more valuable content for the members. Each focus group presented its achievements of 2018 as well as a clearly structured roadmap on how to proceed in 2019. Processes have been adapted to get more international members involved allowing them to use the content already for discussions in the different standardization bodies around the globe. The subgroup Automated Conductive Charging will present a first edition position paper by end of the year designing the common vision and defining use cases as well as general requirements for this charging use case. Edition 2 is scheduled for 2019 targeting at the description of an interoperable Automated Conductive Charging System.


The North America based Task Force “High Power Charging of Commercial Vehicles” has presented the defined requirements for this specific use case and continue its work as a subgroup of the Focus Group Connection.


A great news was the announcement of our early CharIN member Tesla dated November 14th, 2018 that their Model 3 will be equipped with a CCS inlet in Europe. This decision is a strong signal that the ecosystem around The Combined Charging System is on a good way to be established as the global standard.


Therefore, we continue to focus on India as big market. Besides the direction to trust on CCS for high voltage systems the CharIN Steering Committee has committed to back up our partners and members from India to participate in the “Grand Challenge”, a program launched by the Indian government to develop the future Indian standard for charging different types of e-vehicles.


Global presence and visibility are of major importance to increase the CharIN influence and to push CCS straight forward. CharIN has successfully opened a Coordination Office in Japan for supporting the local membership base and will open another one in China in early 2019 to contribute to the significant growth and participation of the Chinese industry within CharIN.


All efforts are flanked by an appropriate education system, already started in 2018 with first trainings on ISO 15118 communication and being established as independent company supervised by members of the CharIN Steering Committee beginning of 2019. The CharIN Academy will offer a worldwide broad program of e-charging related trainings to members and interested parties.