CharIN Steering Committee paves the way for the development of a CCS compliant plug for commercial vehicles with >2MW

Last week, the CharIN Steering Committee Meeting took place for the 3rd time this year. 15 new core and regular members were accepted, among them are SAIC, Suzuki, Subaru, Add-Energie, Daze, GASAB, IBIL, in-tech smart charging, KEBA, KPIT, OOO Jupiter, TERTEC, TÜV Nord, Volterio and UAES.


The budget for 2020 was discussed and approved. CharIN will be organizing again an impressive joint member booth at the EVS33 in Portland, USA in June 2020 with over 220 sqm and prime sponsoring. Further information to register for a booth will be sent out to the members in the next weeks.


Another important decision of the CharIN Steering Committee was the support for the development of a plug for High Power Charging for Commercial Vehicles >2MW (HPCCV). Proposals from different companies were collected and evaluated in a CharIN subgroup. The proposal of the plug was presented in the meeting and will now be further detailed in a CharIN focus group.


Many CharIN Steering Committee companies like ABB, Audi, BMW, Porsche, Mahindra and VW also confirmed to deliver test equipment to the CharIN Testival which will take place on Oct 30th and 31st in Arnhem, the Netherlands.