CharIN transformed its 4th CharIN North America Conference into a successful series of virtual events: CharIN´s Tuesdays!

Representatives of government institutions, topic related alliances, and industries along the value chain of EV charging, gathered in three exciting virtual sessions to discuss pressing climate aspects and how the large scale adoption of clean transportation can contribute to flattening the scarring curve of environmental damages by CO2 emission, global warming and associated natural disasters.

A week long event including a Testival, trainings, working group and member meetings, as well as a 1-day conference were originally planned to take place at the premises of Lucid Motors in Newark CA at the end of April. However, in early March, COVID-19 impacted our communities and stopped all in-person meetings. The CharIN North America member community remained steadfast to rally forward with our efforts to adopt e-Mobility and to further push the development of the required eco-system.

The global lockdown revealed how far air quality can improve if the biggest polluters take a break:

  • Amazing pictures of a clear sky over Los Angeles
  • Significant reduction of fine dust pollution in capitals like Rome, Barcelona, and Madrid
  • 50% decrease of nitrogen dioxide caused by the industry in Milan, Italy
  • Stunning figures about the lowest level of aerosol pollution in New Delhi, India in the last decades!

All of these examples vividly illustrated the enormous impact of clean transportation and the important role of e-Mobility. At the same time, we are made aware of huge economic challenges and exploding unemployment rates caused by the Coronavirus crisis. These topics and concerns weave through the three expert panel discussions.

After a Welcome by CharIN´s Chairman Claas Bracklo, Eric Bach from Lucid Motors, the host of the CharIN Testival week and Oleg Logvinov, CEO and founder of IoTecha, Member of the North America CharIN Board, and knowledgeable moderator through panel 1 and all sessions of the virtual event, the 1st CharIN Tuesday kicked off with Katie Fehrenbacher, senior analyst and writer of Greenbiz, who elaborated about “The future of clean transportation in our new world”.

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