Dazetechnology becomes a member of CharIN

Dazetechnology is an italian engineering company founded in 2016 with the specific target of

developing and producing DazePlug systems on a large scale. DazePlug is an essential

Automatic Connection Device used for EVs charging based on the needs and requirements

of car makers.

DazePlug is composed by an off-board unit - the charger - and a on-board unit - the inlet - installed under the electric vehicle. The off-board unit boasts robustness ,safety ,high power and a wide parking allowance. The on-board unit combines reduced dimensions, low-cost and extreme simplicity that makes it very reliable.


The DazeTechnology system is already being tested with several partners including current CharlN members.


DazeTechnology strongly believes that standardization is the true way of expanding automatic charging throughout the automotive world. For this reason, it is a privilege of becoming a member of CharIN in hopes of contributing to the harmonization of automatic conductive charging.