Dekra commits to Gold Sponsorship of First CharIN Testival

DEKRA, one of the world’s leading expert organizations in testing, inspection, and certification, has signed on as a Gold Sponsor of CharIN’s first Testival in Arnhem, Netherlands.

Dekra is one of the world’s leading expert organizations.

DEKRA, a core member of CharIN since 2017, is a Gold Sponsor of the CharIN Testival.

DEKRA is an active member and supporter of CharIN’s interoperability mission. As a participant in CharIN’s Conformance Test and Interoperability Focus Group, DEKRA collaborates with other CharIN members to ensure that EV charging components work together seamlessly.


The CharIN Testival will showcase much of the technology that DEKRA and other CharIN members have been working on. Testival attendees will have the opportunity to see and test new electric chargers and communication controllers before they hit the market.


Beat Kreuter, Global Head Product Safety at DEKRA is scheduled for a keynote speech at CharIN’s 1st Europe Conference, which will take place at the Testival on October 30th, 2019.


“E-mobility is adding a whole new dimension to the automotive industry, and for this fast-emerging market interoperability is key. A seamless working charging infrastructure is crucial and is needed to support the fast growth of this market With our support to CharIN we want to contribute to the further development of EV charging technology.” Says Vincent Roes, VP Marketing & Product management and E-mobility Lead for Product Testing at DEKRA.


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