Energie 360° presents two world premieres for the future of e-mobility

Smart charging solutions are needed if e-mobility is to keep gaining speed. At the Geneva International Motor Show from 7 to 17 March 2019, Energie 360° presents two world premieres that make the future of car-charging accessible now: a charging station with power-splitting and a bidirectional charging station that transforms electric vehicles into storage units.

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Energie 360° is making eco-mobility available throughout Switzerland – while making charging infrastructure fit for the electric vehicles (EVs) of tomorrow. Together with its partners, the company is realising new and intelligent solutions for charging EVs. Energie 360° has the right product for anyone who wants to offer charging services in Switzerland. The company shows its entire line of products for the first time at the international motor show. Its offerings include two world premieres:


Charging station with power-splitting enhances excursion destinations

The new charging station from Energie 360° partner EVTEC is the world’s first station to charge with two 25-kilowatt DC connections. This type of charging point offers the ideal infrastructure for the new generation of EVs powered by environmentally friendly DC technology. The charging station is doubly attractive for business customers: it both enhances a location’s appeal while increasing visitor frequency. Moreover, by offering a DC charging station, location proprietors can become early adopters without incurring costs or taking on operational responsibilities. Naturally, older EVs can also recharge using the station (22-kilowatt AC).


Bidirectional charging: my car, my storage system

Energie 360° and its partners are turning homes and cars into storage systems. The new bidirectional charging station “sospeso&charge” from EVTEC uses EVs as backup storage for solar power. When needed, the charging station draws electricity from the EV – in the evening, for example, when families begin cooking in apartment blocks, using greater given the increasing number of solar panels in use. A smart energy meter makes it possible to manage the local energy distribution in real time. Energie 360° and EVTEC will show how it’s done for the first time on site, with a Nissan EV 200 Evalia serving as the power storage unit for the stand at the motor show. Visitors to the show will be able to track how much electricity is used over the course of the day via an electronic display.


Energie 360° products: intelligent, eco-friendly, efficient

Energie 360° and its subsidiaries think holistically, bringing heating, cooling, electricity and mobility solutions together into one intelligent system. Further examples of solutions that Energie 360° will be presenting at the international motor show include:

  • The charging management technology from Smart Energy Link AG automatically adjusts charging to reflect the available solar power and the electricity consumption of other plants and devices. Thanks to intelligent own-use management, buildings become solar charging stations.
  • Gottardo Fastcharge SA is building Switzerland’s largest fast charging network with approximately 150 sites. This makes fast charging possible at places where people have little time: on motorways, along main traffic arteries and in cities. Thanks to the 150-kilowatt charging capacity, efficient batteries only need 15 minutes to recharge for distances of up to 150 kilometres.


Energie 360° products are designed for anyone who wants to offer charging options to customers, tenants, residents or employees – for example property managers, shop owners and architects. Energie 360° supports them all during the planning, installation, financing and operation of charging stations.


About Energie

360° Energie 360° makes sustainable energy available throughout Switzerland. Its 250 employees are committed to working with customers, partners and communities to promote renewable energy and eco-mobility. The City of Zurich holds a 96% share in Energie 360°, which supplies the metropolis – and 42 other communities – with increasing amounts of renewable gas. The company plans, builds and operates energy solutions. It invests in electric charging stations and gas fuelling stations and, as a leading supplier of biogas and wood pellets, provides customers with climate-friendly energy. That is how Energie 360° contributes day in and day out to achieving the 2,000-watt society – here and now for coming generations.


Further information at: www.energie360.ch