FastCharge projects shows charging of electric vehicles up to 450 kW

The partners of the FastCharge project and CharIN members BMW AG, Allego GmbH, Phoenix Contact E-Mobility GmbH, Porsche AG and Siemens AG demonstrated charging of an electric vehicle (EV) with the Combined Charging System CCS up to 450 kW. In the project an electric car was charged at a high power charging station in less than 3 minutes for the first 100 kilometers and within 15 minutes for the full recharge.

Copyright: BMW AG

The project uses an energy supply system of Siemens that allows to test high power charging of batteries with up to 920 volts. The system includes a charge controller which automatically adjusts the charging capacities according to the capacities of the EV.


Porsche prepared a test vehicle with high battery capacity at 920 V to test charging over 400 kW. BMW prepared an i3 with a special, intelligent battery that allows forward and backwards combability for different kinds of charging stations with different charging voltages.


The charging station was provided by Allego with the CCS-Combo plug. Phoenix Contacts investigated the HPC charging cable with is cooled with liquid consisting of water and glycol.


The tests within the FastCharge project and results reached in the project are new milestones in the high power charging infrastructure which will make charging as comfortable and fast as refueling. The CharIN mission of a full compatible and future proof system approach has been underlined.


CharIN appreciates the evaluation by its member companies and promotes the results within its focus groups.


Further information here in English and German.