Fifth CharIN Coordination Office in Asia opened in Běijīng, China

After the inauguration of CharIN offices in Hongkong, Korea, India and Japan, developments show that it is now time for a CharIN office in Běijīng as a local contact point for Chinese members and further interested parties in the Combined Charging System.

© CharIN e.V.

© CharIN e.V.

This month the CharIN Coordination Office China was officially inaugurated with Běijīng based CharIN members from Audi, BMW, Chroma, Daimler, Sicon, Volkswagen and X-charge.


During the official opening, a lively discussion evolved around the future of charging with a key take away that different cultures want a different approach to EV charging: From wireless charging to High Power Charging (HPC) to robot assisted or not and many other specifications. But all members support one goal, to strengthen the Combined Charging System (CCS) as the standard for a global charging.


Many Chinese companies are interested in the development of CCS, because they export their products in the whole world where CCS is the leading charging system. Therefore, a local contact who is familiar with the EV market is supporting the CharIN activities and takes care of the issues of the Chinese member companies. Jacques Borremans, Managing Director of the CharIN Coordination Office Asia, is strongly supporting the ramp up phase with his close contact to the CharIN head office and deep understanding of CCS related issues.


Contributing to the growing membership base in China, the Běijīng office is the fifth CharIN location in Asia. The main CharIN coordination office Asia is located in Hongkong, other offices are located in South Korea, Japan and India.


The contact details of the new office are:


CharIN Coordination Office China

韩美荷Han Meihe

Phone: +86 185 1322 8279

E-Mail: china(at)


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