First CharIN New Members Meeting took place on 9th of June 2016 in Berlin

“CharIN managed to bring together EV enthusiasts from companies all over the world in order to align their vision on the future charging system.”

Complementary words about the first new members meeting of the CharIN association echo back since last Thursday. The first gathering of the CharIN founding members, committees and new members took place on 9th of June 2016 in Berlin. The meeting was guided by presentations of the board, steering committee and focus groups as well as the presentations and welcoming of the new CharIN members. Most important, however, was the connection of the association members. 55 participants from countries as Denmark, Germany, France, Japan, Netherlands, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland and the US took part in the meeting. They left with a high motivation to support the mutual goal of a combined charging system (CCS) as a standard for charging battery-power electric vehicles of all kinds around the world.


The Comments about the event are to be shown off:


“To me, the meeting was a complete success as it did both allow to meet all core members but also to start several fruitful discussions around new members. Great organization, we hope for the next meeting, we can even opt for a larger venue than the one we were at this time.”


"The meeting was a great way to get to know other stakeholders that are also working on charging electric vehicles. We look forward to contribute to the success of this open standard and give existing and future EV drivers the freedom to drive and charge where they want.”


“We are glad to be part of CharIN. It is very international initiative to push the e-mobility and e-charging standard forward. This industry network with the partners from OEM, charging stations operators, HW/ SW system provider, provides the right set-up to manage the challenges.”


“I found the event to be a very good and interesting experience. It was very interesting to meet the other members, and also interesting to hear about the founding members’ thinking about the future of charging, and the good intentions vested in the focus groups. All in all, I left the meeting reassured that both the new members and the founders share the intention to work together and shape the future charging technology to mutual commercial benefit.”