First CharIN Testival: 360 experts from 140 companies around the world

At last month’s CharIN Testival in Arnhem, Netherlands, 360 experts from 140 companies around the world came together to test and assess the latest developments related to CCS.

@ CharIN e.V.: Opening by Michael Keller

@ CharIN e.V.: Panel Discussion

@ CharIN e.V.: Volvo Bus for CCS Testing

@ CharIN e.V.: Registration

@ CharIN e.V.: Testing

@ CharIN e.V.: Foto Bus

One of the greatest challenges the EV charging community faces is ensuring their technologies working seamlessly together. On October 30th – 31st, experts from across the globe convened to tackle this challenge.

Video CharIN Testival 2019

At the 1st CharIN Testival in Arnhem industry experts gathered to evaluate and discuss the latest developments in CCS Charging Technology and to share the progress made in their technology roadmaps.


CharIN is a global cross-industry association composed of a diverse set of automakers, electric vehicle supply equipment manufacturers, electronics suppliers, tier ones and other companies along the whole value chain. It is focused on promoting the Combined Charging System (CCS) as the global standard for charging all kind of battery powered vehicles.


CharIN Testivals are international events where CharIN members come together to conduct interoperability testing of the latest CCS charging technology. At October’s CharIN Testival, 360 experts from 140 companies convened to test electric vehicles, electric vehicle supply equipment, electric control units, and communication controllers.


Participants at this year’s event shared significant developments related to communication between the car and the charging station. The industry is awaiting consolidated requirements from the group around Megawatt charging of commercial vehicles. CCS is already prepared to support multiple V2G use cases. A broader market introduction is foreseeable in the coming years with controlled charging and reverse power transfer, which will be beneficial for the grid. The CO2 reduction potential of V2G services is enormous. Because V2G technology is maturing and will support the decarbonization of the mobility sector, European regulators are obliged to act. October’s Testival included V2G demo testing, in addition to exhibitions of technologies related to electric airplanes, buses, motorcycles, and agricultural vehicles.


One essential part of the event was the 1st CharIN Europe Conference on October 30th with panels about Vehicle to Grid and High Power Charging for Commercial Vehicles. Major speakers included, among others:

  • Dr. Götz von Esebeck (Traton Group SE)
  • Thomas Dreumont (RENAULT S.A.S)
  • Johan Peeters (ABB NL)
  • Marie Castelli (Tesla)


The entire set up of the 2-days Testival offered ample networking opportunities especially during the amazing dinner reception. A special thanks goes to all the sponsors of the Testival BP, DEKRA, FIER, Hubject and the host ELAAD.


Overall, this year’s CharIN Testival represented an enormous leap forward for the electric vehicle charging technology. Testing and interacting with different market players makes a huge difference when it comes to moving common technologies forward. This approach provides a unique chance to create a better customer experience by eliminating interoperability issues before mass market introduction of new technologies.