Heliox joins CharIN, the Charging Interface Initiative

Following the Steering Committee meeting which took place on December 4th, Heliox is proud to announce that it joins CharIN as a member. Heliox wants to be actively involved in the definition of requirements for standards and the certification of combined charging systems in e-mobility.

“From the first moment Heliox has started with the development and implementation of fast charging infrastructures for e-buses and e-trucks, we have always been keen to adhere and contribute to standards to enable interoperability between conductive charging of battery powered electric vehicles and charging stations” says Mark Smidt, founder of Heliox. “Especially as our products are implemented worldwide and will have to be compatible with any e-bus and e-truck brand, we fully understand and support the goal of the association to set worldwide standards for charging technology in e-mobility. We are happy that we will be joining the worldwide CharIN community to be able to share our knowledge amongst partners.”

Heliox contribution to CharIN

Heliox has already been active in the CharIN Testivals, by joining with various teams respectively. Extensive conformance and interoperability testing has taken place with e-buses, e-trucks and e-cars. Heliox brought their own Heliox FAST DC mobile chargers to the testing location. As a result, experience has been exchanged with other members.


The future of charging

When looking at the future, Heliox is raising the bar with regards to charging systems in e-mobility as its latest innovation provides solutions in smart energy management. It’s latest product called SprintCharge®, is a new generation of smart charging stations which includes a stationary battery for storage to enable the high power “sprints” of charging power required for opportunity charging. As limited available grid capacity and high peak demand charges can make regular opportunity charging a challenge, SprintCharge can provide the optimal solution.


About Heliox

Heliox is the market leader in fast charging systems within public transport, e-trucks, marine, mining and port equipment. The premium quality and highly efficient chargers enable operators to improve their performance whilst lowering environmental impact. Turnkey projects have been implemented worldwide. Heliox operates on a global level with headquarters in the Netherlands and local offices in the UK, US, Australia & Singapore. Heliox is already member of the UITP, the European Standardization Initiative of charging infrastructure and bus manufacturers for interoperability, following IEC 61851, the international standard for fast charging of electric vehicles.