Hi-tech company X-Charge is now a new Regular member of the CharIN e.V.

XCharge announced today that it has joined the Charging Interface Initiative e.V. (CharIN e. V.) and become a member of the charging infrastructure focus group.

Headquartered in Beijing, XCharge is a hi-tech company specializing in providing customized charging solutions to business clients. It combines high-power chargers with cloud-based software which allows charge point operators (CPO) to do over the air (OTA) upgrades, turnover management, user group management, advertisement pushing, remote diagnosis and repair, etc. For instance, a CPO can set different prices of peak and off-peak hours to increase the usage of chargers, as well as upgrade the whole station’s chargers through XCharge’s platform. This way, the charging revenue is maximized and maintenance costs minimized.


By the end of 2017, more than 20,000 chargers manufactured by XCharge were in operation, servicing millions of private cars, buses, taxis, and logistic vehicles in China. The most popular models are AC Wallbox C2, which can output 7 or 21 kW, and DC Fast Charger C6, which can output up to 240 kW. Both of them have won the 2016 “Best of the Best” Red Dot Award. XCharge’s latest product, Satellite HPC charger C9, is a DC charger that can output up to 480 kW. C9 has two separate compartments, the Power Box, which stores AC-DC modules, and the satellite charger. This design saves parking space significantly.


Over the years, XCharge has gathered detailed and scaled charging behavior statistics from China, the world’s largest EV market. XCharge will openly share its experience and information on marketing and technology. Together with fellow CharIN members, XCharge will support the improvement of the CCS system standards and accelerate its adoption. Besides, it will also contribute to defining requirements for future charging standards to eliminate technical barriers for innovative products.



Heather Xue




About ‘XCharge’

Founded in Beijing in 2015, XCharge was one of the earliest smart EV charging solution providers in the Chinese market. Last year, XCharge established its European headquarter in Hamburg, XCharge Europe GmbH, bringing high quality chargers and practical operating experience from China. For more information, please visit www.xcharge.com/en