High-power chargers from two CharIN members Tritium and IONITY are now installed in Germany

12 high-power chargers (HPC) from the CharIN member Tritium, an international specialist in DC charging infrastructure solutions for the electric vehicle (EV) market, were installed at the Tank & Rast rest stops at Brohltal Ost and West along the A61 highway in Germany.

High-power chargers from Tritium go into operation for IONITY in Germany. (Image courtesy Tritium)

These 12 charging stations are part of a planned pan-European network of around 400 HPC stations for IONITY that will ensure EV drivers can always find a charging station within the next 120 km.


Tritium was selected as a supplier for this project early last year. The specially designed charging stations are each capable of delivering 350 kW of power that can add 150km driving range in five minutes. The chargers offer the Combined Charging System (CCS) used by a wide range of vehicle manufacturers.


Tritium and IONITY are both active members of CharIN and they work for making charging EVs efficient and fast with commitment for an improved infrastructure.


For further information please visit www.tritium.com.au