i-charging, mobilidade eléctrica, S.A. joins the Charging Interface Initiative

i-charging, mobilidade eléctrica, S.A. is Core Member of CharIN e.V. - Commitment to enhance charging experience and promote electric mobility

i-charging, mobilidade eléctrica, S.A. announced that it joined as a core member of CharIN e.V. association. CharIN promotes technical advances, evolution, and a global adoption of the Combined Charging System ( CCS ), a charging system for battery powered electric vehicles, supported by international standards.


The company is based in Portugal and is developing new and innovative approaches to DC charging that will allow to optimize the CAPEX and OPEX of the infrastructure for any kind of power levels, different types of vehicles from LDV to buses and trucks, and for different applications. Topics like design and urban integration, user experience, grid integration, renewables and storage, customer’s business models, and many more are core to i-charging solutions.


We are honoured to become a core member of CharIN e.V. and by doing that, in combination with the solutions we will offer, we look forward to contribute to advance the ISO 15118 standard and to make charging EVs convenient and intuitive for drivers. Our main objective is to contribute to the massification of electric mobility, as a key factor to decarbonize the transport sector and therefore fight climate change.“ said Pedro Silva, CEO of i-charging.