Infypower joined the CharIN e.V Association!

Base in Shenzhen, China. Infypower develops and produces power modules and EV charging


Many charging station operators choose to cooperate with infypower not only depend on the knowledge and technology but also the supports and service. Infypower's charging modules fully support CHAdeMO, CCS and bi-directional (V2G)chargers.


Since 2014, Infypower develops and produces a series of EV charging modules. The R&D team has an average 15 years power electronics R&D experience.


Infypower Charger modules

DC Power modules vary from 4KW to 30KW, compliant with CE requirements with high efficiency over the full load range, full load efficiency greater than 95.5%, Wide output voltage range, 150-1000VDC, wide input voltage range: 260-530VAC.


Focuses on Infy Solved strategy, Infypower is willing to be the foundation, as a worry free support for the customer.


Infypower believes it will be a support on the development of innovative ideas and strategies, bringing to this partnership between CharIN e.V and Shenzhen infypower Co., Ltd to all conditions to facilitate.


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