International congress for high-power charging of electric vehicles in Spain

During the international congress for high-power charging of electric vehicles on Oct. 9th in Avilés, Spain, Ricardo Michaelis from the CharIN coordination office presented the current status of the technical development of CCS, the Combined Charging Systems and what the association with its members is working on as a next level; to be able to charge an EV with 400kW and 500A.

Spain is working on a high-power charging infrastructure along main routes at the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea. Helmut Morsi, director and coordinator of innovations of the European Commission affirmed the strong development of CCS in Europe. He recommends following up on high-power charging infrastructure projects and start also new innovative projects in Spain.


The CharIN e.V. highly appreciates the reinforcement of its work by the European Commission and is very optimistic that the establishment of high-power charging infrastructure for EVs is rapidly progressing in Europe.