IoTecha is pleased to introduce two of our unique products: CCS on Module with IoT.ON™ PaaS and HomePlug GreenPHY+V2G Analyzer

CCS on Module with IoT.ON™ PaaS

IoTecha’s Combined Charging System on Module (CCSoM) is a System-on-Module solution that enables manufacturers of AC and DC EV chargers to shorten the time to market and minimize the development effort while producing a Smart Charger.

IoTecha’s Intelligent Power Platform (IoT.ONTM) is a cloud-based device management and data analytics platform. It enables charger manufacturers and charging station operators to significantly reduce operational costs and charger downtime by providing tools to continually monitor charger status and performance. IoT.ON™ has been successfully integrated with the Hubject ecosystem. All chargers based on CCSoM and connected to IoT.ON™ offer out-of-the-box Plug and Charge capability.


In addition to being available as a Module, the CCSoM is the foundation for IoTecha’s AC Charger, which is available as a “white label” product, fully integrated with ISO/IEC 15118 and IoT.ON™ cloud connectivity.

HomePlug GreenPHY+V2G Analyzer


IoTecha’s HPGP analyzer enables in-depth analysis of HPGP and V2G communication with a non-invasive packet capture and protocol analyzer. It is capable of displaying low-level HPGP MPDUs (Frames transmitted on the PLC) as well as decrypted / re-assembled Ethernet traffic. The analyzer has plug-ins for WireShark that allow for the full decode of every field in DIN/ISO messaging. The analyzer also displays CP state (Voltage, Frequency, Duty Cycle) and HPGP PLC signal spectrum for each packet, allowing for in-depth analysis of physical signal integrity issues.


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About IoTecha:
IoTecha is accelerating the Electric Vehicle (EV) revolution for the Smart Charging infrastructure and enabling the integration of Electric Vehicles with the Power Grid. IoTecha is a one-stop-shop for developers of Smart Charging Infrastructure and CCS enabled EVs. IoTecha’s products include: CCS on Module EVSE controllers (CCSoM), CCS controllers for the EVs, IoT.ON™ PaaS for EVSE monitoring and load management, and HomePlug GreenPHY+V2G Protocol Analyzer. Founding members of IoTecha’s team are among the inventors of HomePlug Powerline Communication, giving IoTecha the deepest industry expertise in this area.

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