Keynote of CharIN at the e-movilidad Expo in Santa Fe, Mexico, October 3-6, 2019

CharIN North America Spokesperson Oleg Logvinov will give a keynote at the Infrastructure and e-mobility Conference taking place in Santa Fe, Mexico on October 4th, 2019 in the framework of the e-movilidad EXPO (October 3rd-6th).

The presentation will focus on CharIN´s primary objective to standardize the Combined Charging System (CCS) as the leading plug to charge EVs of all kind on a global basis.


For the very first time CharIN e.V. will be represented in Mexico, where discussions about e-mobility have begun to develop as a matter of common interest. We welcome you to attend Oleg’s keynote presentation and following Q&A, where he will discuss CharIN and our latest activities. Visit for more information on the e-movilidad EXPO. ¡Hasta la vista!