KEYWATT 24kW Wallbox

With its compact design, the KEYWATT wallbox can be installed in less than two hours, either on a wall or on a pedestal. Its rated 24 kW output power will charge most EV cars typically in one hour, independently of their protocols (Combo, CHAdeMO and/or AC Type 2). Available in Single, Dual or Multi-standard version, it is an ideal solution for providing fast charging points at car dealerships , shopping centers, restaurants, parking areas or any fleet/enterprise fleet. With its 7” touch screen and customizable front panel / multi-language user menu, it can be adapted to any environment. Based on a hermetic design without air filter, the maintenance needs are greatly reduced. Connected wirelessly via OCPP1.6 through its dual modems, upgrades, supervision and operation can be done remotely in a smart and optimized way.


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