Korea Testing Certification joins the Charging Interface Initiative e.V.

KTC (Korea Testing Certification) – Create the Future with Trust

For over 40 years since its establishment, KTC is one of the leading companies for testing and certification service industry in South Korea.


The testing and certification industry is an advanced knowledge-based service field to all scope of industry and society. Because of rapid change of industry, demand for testing and certification services in the market has widely increased. KTC is providing a wide scope of testing and certification services: Energy, Reliability, Safety, EMC, IT and Security, Chemistry and Legal metrology.


As the highest level of credibility and strong commitment is required between customers and testing and certification service provider, based on National Recognized Testing Institutions (which authorized by government), KTC is one of the most reliable companies to customers in the world, with more than 600 experts in various fields and more than 3,700 testing equipment.


Especially in the field of Electric Vehicles and infrastructure, based on highest testing equipment capacity in Korea, KTC can provide all scope testing and certification service of EV and EVSE to customers: Safety, EMC and Legal metrology (These are essential certifications to the market in South Korea). To cooperate with international standardization body, KTC has been participating into IEC (TC 69) and OIML (TC 12) and dedicated technical service as a representative expert of Korea. KTC has been designated NCB and CBTL in most categories from IECEE.


As the Combined Charging System (CCS, esp. Combo1) became the national recommended type to use for EVs in South Korea since 2017, KTC will fully participate and contribute as a new member to establish CCS as a global standard with CharIN. KTC hopes that CharIN will be the global leading association for the Electric Vehicle industry in the near future.