MAPNA becomes member of CharIN e.V.

We are pleased to inform you that MAPNAs application for a membership in CharIN e.V. has been accepted by the Steering Committee on the 31st of March 2020.

We believe there is a huge market opportunity in EV charging by creating a smart ecosystem that supports smart charging, remote monitoring and various payment ways which lead to a unique solution.


MAPNA has the plan to support all charging standards and most kind of vehicles. MAPNA solution is begging from the power plant to the electric vehicle charging station and our online platform supports online reservation and energy management through app or web-based and remote monitoring based on the OCPP. MAPNA has many years of experience in developing chargers including AC and Fast DC and installing charging stations. As a new member of the CharIN association, MAPNA intends to contribute in cooperation with all the members to the improvement of the CCS standard and make it a global solution.


Further information about the MAPNA charger solution is available at Opens external link in new window



MAPNA Group is an industrial enterprise that consists of the parent company, MAPNA Group Company, which has more than 40 subsidiaries and MAPNA Electrical and Control Engineering & Manufacturing (MECO), as a member of a large family of MAPNA, is committed to meeting the requirements of electric and control systems and services of MAPNA Group as colleagues and customers. The EV & infrastructure Development center (EVIDC) is part of the MECO company. The MAPNA’s group business lines are diverse, including: engineering, construction and development of thermal & renewable power plants, combined heat and power (CHP) utilities, combined power generation and water desalination plants, engineering, execution and development of offshore and onshore oil & gas projects, execution of rail transportation projects, electrification, medical imaging services, operation, repair and maintenance services, and financing and investment. Through development of indigenous knowhow and acquisition of leading-edge technology, MAPNA Group designs and manufactures a wide range of advanced industrial machinery including: gas and steam turbines, wind turbines, turbine spare parts, blades and vanes, conventional boilers and heat recovery steam generators, thermal and hydro-generators, turbo-compressors, control and safety systems, passenger and freight locomotives, and operation, maintenance services at world-class level and electric vehicle infrastructure.