MediaTek ISO15118-3 GreenPHY solution is ready for automotive applications

As the core member of CharIN community, MediaTek (used to be MStar) has devoted itself in the past three and half years to adapt its Homeplug GreenPHY transceiver solution to DIN70121/ISO15118 applications, in which the solution works as the communication channel for higher layer message exchange during EV charging process. With its efforts, MediaTek has successfully achieved AEC-Q100 grade 2 qualification and is working towards grade 1 for more application scenarios. Also, MediaTek has been constantly improving its hardware and software production procedure to assure the quality of the products in the life cycle. In the meantime, MediaTek has added new features to the SoC, such as multiple interfaces, CP signal detection capabilities to enable IEC61851, and also planned to increase the link rate to 120Mbps, thus enable more value-added services for the customers. To help customers, MediaTek has developed a useful GreenPHY sniffer device, which can also monitor the CP signal and do the PSD calibration easily.


The constant efforts at MediaTek have been recognized by its customers worldwide. For example, MediaTek has coworked with Opens external link in new windowVector from Germany to integrate the sniffer device and GreenPHY module into Vector’s CCS test/emulator equipment. And, MediaTek has partnered with Opens external link in new windowGridwiz from South Korea, who has been successfully shipping their EVCC module "APPLEMINT". Also, MediaTek has setup partnership with Opens external link in new windowADVANTICS from France, who has included MediaTek solutions into their multiple-standard SECC module and EVCC module.


For further information on GreenPHY products of Opens external link in new windowMediaTek or MediaTek’s partners, please contact MediaTek.


MediaTek contact:

Alex Chen

E-Mail: xiaopeng.chen(at)