MediaTek joins CharIN e.V.

MStar Semiconductor Inc. has formally merged with MediaTek on January 1, 2019.

Without interruption, MediaTek Inc. has carried on the membership of CharIN and continue to take part in developing reliable communication links for Combined Charging System (CCS), which contributes to EV (Electric Vehicle) penetration. Mediatek plans to contribute to CharlN by sharing our technology and experiences in communication and networking systems.


MediaTek is a global leader in supplying application specific ICs (ASIC) for the consumer and business product markets. Founded in 1997 on the principle of constant innovation and superior customer service, MediaTek has successfully built a diverse product portfolio that propels the company to become one of the largest in the semiconductor industry. Headquartered in Taiwan, MediaTek is a true global company with R&D, sales and operations activities in many worldwide locations. Built on the core competency in high-complexity, high-performance System-on-chip (SoC) design, the company encompasses engineering teams with a wide-range of know-how and experience in communication, media processing and application SW. Combined with strong execution, MediaTek consistently delivers highly integrated and cost effective solutions for the established markets and the emerging markets.