Plug & Charge cooperation of CharIN members Hubject and Electrify America

The two CharIN members Hubject and Electrify America recently announced to cooperate in the establishment of Plug & Charge in the North American market. Electrify America will implement the Plug & Charge mechanism in its charging stations.

For supporting the broader market rollout, the “CharIN Implementation Guide to Plug and Charge” based on ISO 15118 will be available for all CharIN members in the first quarter of this year.


The implementation of ISO 15118 is a significant step for smart charging of electric vehicles and the vehicle network communication (V2G). It allows vehicles to automatically authenticate and authorize when loading. RFID cards, credit cards or mobile apps will not be needed any more.


Electrify America will be the first DC fast charging network in the USA who will offer the Plug & Charge technology at its charging stations. Fast Charging systems of Electrify America are technically ready to offer Plug & Charge. Electrify America has planned to introduce Plug & Charge at more than 2,000 public charging stations until the end of 2019. Moreover, they plan to install further 500 fast-charging stations in the US this year.


The automobile industry will introduce this innovative and customer friendly CCS feature with its new car launches at the beginning of this year and get Plug & Charge access to innovative High-Power Charging (HPC) charging sites across Europe as well.


Further information here or at the Hubject website.