Power Innovation produces DCDC-Converter for Supercharger Stations

Achim, 10-Mar-2016: DC Supercharger-Technology designed for 350kW

Power Innovation is producing and providing DCDC Converter for super charging technology within the range of 1000V (switchable to 450V) for electric vehicles, able to be charged with up to 350A (350kW).

Stationary energy storages based on lithiumion technology complement the product portfolio.
These buffer storages support the energy transition and accumulate the energy out of renewable energy sources like wind turbines, photovoltaic, which can also be used to stabilize the grid.  
Since 1987 Power Innovation is supplying power modules within of outdoor applications.  
The more than 40.000 units p.a. can be rediscovered in the areas telecommunication, military technology, aerospace and railway applications.

Power Innovation is convinced about the close collaboration with CharIn. CharIn symbolizes the future platform of supercharging, which is combining partners out of automotive industy with experts of infrastructure.

Contact Person:
Uwe Krahforst | Key-Account-Manager | Tel.: 0172 4333 690
E-Mail: u.krahforst(at)powerinnovation.de

Power Innovation Stromversorgungstechnik GmbH is a leading manufactorer for switched-mode power supplies. The focus within of portfolio is pointed towards inverter, battery-charger, DCDC-converter within of the power range from 125VA up to 60kVA. A considerable list of customers worldwide is using DCDC-Converter, customized rectifier and inverter system solutions.