PRE is launching its FlexGrid Concept = Vehicle to Grid + Direct Solar Charging + Home Energy Storage

PRE is now finalizing the first version of the hardware for the FlexGrid multiport converter (10kW V2G fast charger + solar inverter + Home Energy Storage). Discover FlexGrid!

FlexGrid = Vehicle to Grid + Direct Solar Charging + Home Energy Storage

Hardware samples for commercial testing available in August 2020


More and more companies, consumers and energy network operators see the advantages of Vehicle to Grid (V2G) and direct solar charging. Quick and efficient charging combined with a lower energy bill sounds like an interesting proposition as well. Even though this technology is in full development, PRE is already working on the next step: FlexGrid. FlexGrid adds Home Energy Storage (HES) to the concept. It will enable a whole new way of ‘home charging’.


FlexGrid, a DC grid with unprecedented possibilities The concept of FlexGrid is that we connect the decentralized generation and storage devices working on DC (photovoltaic cells, energy storage and electric vehicles). Connecting DC sources and storage via a DC network lowers investment costs and increases efficiency. FlexGrid brings new opportunities for the built environment! Options (combinations of these options are also possible): Solar to Vehicle / Grid / Home Energy Storage Home Energy Storage to Vehicle / Grid Vehicle to Grid / Home Energy Storage Grid to Vehicle / Home Energy Storage


PRE Multiport Converter, electric heart of FlexGrid

The electric heart of the FlexGrid concept is the PRE Multiport Converter with a multi-directional power flow. The Multiport technology enables us to charge both the EV and the home battery with solar energy and also controls the energy between the batteries. This creates a whole new way of ‘home charging’. For example: with less sunny days you can charge the home battery with your EV or vice versa. The converter is acting as the electric heart of the DC smart home. The FlexGrid concept offers also opportunities for offgrid solutions.


Flexgrid Consortium

PRE Power Developers participates in the FLEXGRID Research Project (a TKI Urban Energy Project), together with Alfen, Stedin and Delft University of Technology. PRE was responsible for the development of the multiport converter (an in kind investment).


Hardware demo available in August

Are you interested in this technology? From August 2020 onward it is possible to test this hardware module yourself. If you are interested, please contact us via: (only available for OEM companies)



EV Charger Modules

Since 2009 PRE is a well known Power Module supplier for OEM (charger) companies. Our customers provide DC Fast Charging solutions all over the world. PRE is your partner for a FULL range of DC EV Charger Modules, with unique USP’s.

  1. proven reliable products, installed base of more than 10.000 modules
  2. compliant with CCS and CHAdeMO and latest environmental standards for acoustic noise levels
  3. future proof, including V2G/V2H and 1000V DC ultra fast charging.

Opens external link in new windowPRE Charger modules - product range (EV Fast Charging stations, EV Fast Charging parks and V2G/V2H solutions).


Engineering Services

PRE power developers is an engineering company with specialists in power electronics and embedded software. PRE offers reference design for various kind of chargers. For example:

  • DC Wallbox for home/office fast charging (25kW)
  • All-in-one chargers (up to 150kW, multiple outputs)
  • Charger parks (up to 5MW)
  • Invisible (under the ground) chargers

The PRE engineering team support customers on topics like: cooling, water/dust proof designs, Safety/EMC/CCS/CHAdeMo certification, charge controllers, etc.



  • Power Research Electronics BV (PRE) is a privately owned company in The Netherlands, working under the name PRE power developers.
  • PRE power developers is an independent supplier of EV Charger Modules and Power Electronic Technology for the European and US market.
  • In 2002 the main field of work was PV solar inverters, standalone inverters and battery BMS.
  • As of 2008 PRE is active in DC fast charging technology and a technology provider for charger companies.
  • Since 2012 PRE is working on solutions for the energy transition, where EV’s, renewable solar/wind energy, self driving – shared cars and battery storage will play an important role in the secure and cost effective supply of electrical energy.



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