Prodrive Technologies joins the Charging Interface Initiative

Prodrive Technologies is a Core Member of CharIn e.V. – Commitment to enhance charging experience and promote electric mobility

We believe the success of electromobility is strongly linked to the expansion of charging infrastructure. Taking the continuous developments in the field of autonomous parking and driving into account, there will be a need for comfort charging soon. Now is the time to create one common interface and setting standards to enable this technology for our valued customers.


Prodrive Technologies participates in the CharIN network with their experts in the field of comfort charging to share their experience, ideas and know-how. Furthermore, being a long-term partner in both the energy & infrastructure market as well as the automotive market gives us the advantage to be able to be a total charging solutions partner.


We call for a joint effort to shape the future of tomorrow!


About Prodrive Technologies

We want to create meaningful technologies that make the world work. Achieving the best possible solution is our ideology. Standardizing flexibility is how we thrive. We leverage our technologies in multiple markets, resulting in proven solutions that minimize time-to-market, risks and costs for our customers. Within our product development processes we incorporate our environmental and long-term sustainability approach; making smarter, more efficient and more reliable products. All our factories are global copy-exact. The manufacturing facilities are highly automated, statistically controlled and energy efficient. For more information, visit