PT PERTAMINA (Persero) becomes CharIN Core Member!

PT PERTAMINA (Persero) is a state-owned energy company operating from upstream to downstream in the field of energy, including fossil based energy as well as renewable energy and experienced since 1982 to provide renewable energy from geothermal and renewable sources in Indonesia.

PT PERTAMINA (Persero) operates 5 refinery units with a total processing capacity of + 1 MBPD, fuel and gas station networks and distribution channel of + 5,000 units and still growing. In addition, PT PERTAMINA (Persero) also has operational upstream business worldwide, as well as conducting collaborative research and development in energy related technologies, standardization, engineering, consultants, etc. Traditionally, PT PERTAMINA (Persero) has constructive collaborations and relations with world class car manufacturer. PT PERTAMINA (Persero) has started supporting initiatives and collaborations on EV Development in Indonesia since 2012. Currently, PT PERTAMINA (Persero) has join studies and development in EV related technologies with international research institutes and leading universities in Indonesia. By joining CharIN, PT PT PERTAMINA (Persero) as a core member can contributes to share its experience as energy provider for transportation and its distribution across challenging environment in Indonesia. PT PERTAMINA (Persero) will also actively contribute on discussion, share ideas and problems solving in providing energy and develop energy infrastructure for transportation.