PTT Joins the Charging Interface Initiative e.V. (CharIN e.V.)

Since the launch of Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs) in 2016, Thailand’s automobile market has been more vigorous than ever. That resulted from the state EV Promotion Policy nationwide, with an aim at the reduction of fossil fuel use and greenhouse gas emission.

With high competitiveness and multi-brand strategy, Thai automobile market has attracted many carmakers to enter Electric Cars (EVs) market in Thailand. Still, EV technology is new and unfamiliar to Thai people. Therefore, the relevant EV standards as well as reliable EV products and services, are needed.


To be in line with the government EV Promotion policy, PTT, as a national energy company with its gas service stations nationwide, deems it feasible to do a charging station business. In doing so, 20 charging stations have been kicked off under the pilot project whereby the feasibility studies in terms of business and charging station technology are being conducted.


For this reason, PTT, a regional key energy player, realizes that it is a must-have knowledge of reliable EV standards for PTT’s technology monitoring and development. As a member of Charging Interface Initiative e.V. (CharIN e.V) Association, PTT is able to study and monitor new and latest technology trends while openly sharing information with global members on EV technology, marketing and other related topics. These guidelines help PTT build more innovative and reliable EV products and services to achieve EV international standards.


About PTT Plc

PTT Public Company Limited (PTT) is a fully-integrated national petroleum and petrochemical company with a vision to become Thai premier multinational energy company. PTT’s business can be separated into two main areas, i.e., the businesses run by PTT itself and by affiliates. The businesses run by PTT comprise of three main units as followed;


  1. Gas business unit undertakes fully integrated natural gas business covering the entire chain of natural gas from exploration and production, procurement, transportation to gas separation and marketing of natural gas. In addition, we invest in gas-related business both domestically and internationally as well as develop new businesses.
  2. Oil unit mainly engages in marketing and distribution of refined fuels, LPG and lubricating products.
  3. PTT international trading business unit engages in the procurement, importation, exportation, and international trading of crude oil, condensate, petroleum, petrochemical products as well as other specialty substances. TBU also participates in international trading that supports the business activities of PTT Plc and PTT affiliates in such a way as to enhance their competitive edge and profitability, and to increase the trading value-added for PTT Group.


The businesses run by affiliates comprise of four areas as followed;

  1. Petroleum exploration and production business
  2. Petrochemical business
  3. Refining business
  4. Foreign investment business


PTT is one of the largest corporations in the country and the only company from Thailand listed in Fortune Global 500 companies. The company ranks 192nd among top 500 on the Fortune 500, and 190th on the Forbes 2000.